Full-day tour in Baños. Tour the waterfall route and the treehouse route.



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Full-day tour in Baños. Tour the waterfall route and the treehouse route.

Baños de Agua Santa is a unique tourist destination in Ecuador for its impressive waterfalls, adventure activities and being the entrance to the Amazon.

On the route of the waterfalls we will visit viewpoints of interest such as: the Agoyán balcony, located between the Sangay National Park and the Llanganates National Park and next to the same waterfall the waterfall of "Guamag".

We continue the tour to the longest zipline of Ecuador ''the gates of heaven'', it has a distance of 1023 meters. 

The tour continues along the old road Baños - Puyo, where we will cross a waterfall that falls from the top of the mountain and gives a breeze to everyone who passes through that place. Halfway along the old road you can see the famous profile of Christ, and then reach the "Rio Blanco Adventure Park", where you can practice activities such as: walking on the glass bridge, crossing with a life line and a guide the "Tibetan bridge" and practice from a metal cabin the "Tarzan jump".

The next stop is the waterfall ''the bride's mantle'', a name attributed to the shape of a veil that its waters give when falling down the waterfall. The view is spectacular of the entire canyon of the Pastaza River, where the warm winds from the east crash on your body and make you vibrate as you are suspended at a height of over 90 meters above the Pastaza River.

The next stop is the sweet factory of Baños, where you can learn and taste the sweets made with the local fruit "guava", you can also taste a liqueur made from the same fruit.

We continue along the route to the parish of Rio Verde, where you will be able to taste a liqueur made from the same fruit.

We continue along the route to the parish of Rio Verde; where we will start our hike to the highest waterfall in Ecuador ''pailón del diablo''. You will enjoy panoramic views from a Tibetan bridge suspended over the Pastaza River. Feel the power of the waterfall as you stand behind it and recharge your batteries with its waters pouring from the Llanganates National Park, where the Inca general, Rumiñahui, hid the gold sought by the Spanish. 

Our last stop is the Machay waterfall, a magical place in Baños for its transparent waters and unique vegetation. Refresh yourself with a swim in its crystal clear waters. 

After having a typical lunch in the parish of Rio Verde we continue the tour to the tree house, a place known as the swing at the end of the world for its photo uploaded in a National Geographic contest in 2014.

The panorama around the 2600 meters above sea level is unique for its sunsets and its view of the Tungurahua volcano on clear days.

Continuing with the tour you can visit the complex flight of the condor, where you will find its main attractions, which are: "The hands of Pachamama" which are joined by a glass bridge and a heart with a realistic design, is the flight of the condor; a swing where the name comes from representing the condor at the time of flight, simulating the jump platform to a rock where the condor takes his flight with a dive into the sky.

Additional activities in this park are: the crystal labyrinth and the smaller swing called ''La Bella''.

The next and last stop is the cafeteria ''Café del cielo'', located in the most luxurious resort of Baños, ''Luna Volcán''. Here you can enjoy exquisite desserts, hot and cold drinks in a unique place for its panoramic views of the sunsets of the city of Baños de Agua Santa.


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