Minivan Hiunday H1. 5 passenger capacity

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Our minivan Hiunday H1 is much more than just a means of transportation: it is a statement of style, comfort and functionality. We are confident that it will become the preferred choice for families, groups of friends and travelers looking for an exceptional travel experience. With a modern and sleek design, the Hyundai H1 offers a large amount of space for passengers and luggage.

 Main Features:

  • Safety: It has a wide range of safety features, such as front and side airbags, ABS brakes and stability control to ensure passenger safety at all times.
  • Ample space: Offers room for up to 5 passengers, making it the ideal minivan for families and groups of friends.
  • Advanced technology: It is equipped with a wide range of technological features, such as a touch-screen infotainment system, a navigation system and a reverse camera.
  • Modern and stylish design: It has a modern and stylish design that makes it stand out on the road.

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